John M. Bunzl

International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (Simpol)

John Bunzl founded the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation, a group that seeks coordinated solutions to global problems. After studying modern languages and business studies in France, Switzerland, and Italy, Bunzl pursued a commercial career trading in raw materials for the paper industry and, more recently, in the sale of specialized technical papers primarily to the filtration, abrasives, and medical supplies industries. Having had only a passing interest in international affairs and in the thinking of E. F. Schumacher, in 1998 the idea for Simultaneous Policy suddenly occurred to him as a potential means to remove barriers to solving today's global problems. In 2000 he founded the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO) and launched the Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign. In 2001, he outlined the campaign in his first book of the same name. The Simpol campaign has since steadily gathered increasing attention, recognition, and support among citizens, activists, nongovernmental organizations, politicians, businesses, and many others. In 2003 he co-authored Monetary Reform – Making it Happen! with the prominent monetary reformer James Robertson. In 2009 he authored a third book, People-centred Global Governance – Making it Happen! John has lectured widely, including to the Schumacher Society, the World Trade Organization, the Lucis Trust, and at various universities.

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MAR 31, 2009 Article

Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016): Innovations: Simultaneous Policy for Global Problems

Instead of a global race to the bottom, coordinated international action could help governments make tough policy choices without scaring off capital and factories. John ...