Joe Saunders

Former Carnegie Council Program Officer; Human Rights Watch

Joe Saunders is a former Carnegie Council program officer and currently works as deputy program director at Human Rights Watch.

Featured Work

NOV 19, 2001 Article

Revisiting Humanitarian Intervention: Post-September 11

Should Rights NGOs Ever Advocate Armed Intervention in Human Rights Crises? Has September 11 adversely affected relations between international and local rights NGOs? What is the ...

JUL 18, 2001 Article

Bridging Human Rights and Conflict Resolution: A Dialogue Between Critical Communities

Human rights advocates and conflict resolution specialists working in war-torn societies share the common goal of constructing stable societies based on the rule of law, ...

MAR 19, 2001 Article

The Details Matter: Human Rights and the War on Terrorism

Is a deepening clash between human rights and national security inevitable?

FEB 27, 2001 Transcript

International Perspectives on the Death Penalty

Staff from Together Against the Death Penalty discuss the organization's mission, why their main focus is the United States, and the differing attitudes to the ...