Jelena Subotic is associate professor of political science at Georgia State University.

Subotic, while an advanced degree candidate at Syracuse University, worked with the Program on the Analysis of Conflict (PARC). She completed a doctorate in political science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Last Updated: July 9, 2017

“Politics in the Raw,” in The Art of Truth-Telling About Authoritarian Rule (2005)
"Reproductive Rights and the State in Croatia and Serbia" (with Jeremy Shiffman and Marina Skrabalo), in Social Science and Medicine 54:4 (2002)
“Broadcasting For Restraint: Crisis Reduction Through UN-Supported Media Initiatives” (with Peter Loizos and Gordon Adam), in Ethnic Conflict and International Security, in the series “Peacekeeping and Multinational Operations” (1994) [Originally published as London School of Economics Discussion Paper No. 11, 1994]
international relations theory, international organizations, human rights, domestic politics of international relations, transitional justice, democratization, nationalism, political culture, East European politics, European Union enlargement