Jasmine Nahhas di Florio

Education For Employment


Jasmine Nahhas di Florio is vice president of strategy and partnerships at Education For Employment (EFE).

Featured Work

MAY 19, 2016 Podcast

Global Ethics Forum Preview: Adressing Root Causes of Unrest in Arab Countries

Next time on Global Ethics Forum, Education for Employment's Ron Bruder and Jasmine Nahhas di Florio discuss the challenge of youth employment in the Arab ...

NOV 16, 2015 Podcast

Addressing Root Causes of Unrest in Arab Countries

What's the best way to create stability in the Middle East and North Africa? Get more young people into the workforce, says Ron Bruder, founder ...

JAN 3, 2011 Podcast

Putting Middle East Youth to Work: Partnering with Business to Turn a Youth Tsunami into an Asset

Founder and CEO Ron Bruder and VP Jasmine Nahhas di Florio introduce Education for Employment Foundation, an NGO that creates employment opportunities for youth in ...