Ivan D. London

Brooklyn College


Ivan D. London (died in 1983) was a professor of psychology at Brooklyn College who wrote about social conditions in the Soviet Union and China.

Featured Work

FEB 1, 2011 Article

Bread, Rice and Freedom: The Peasantry and Agriculture in the USSR and China (May/June, 1983)

This article was first published in the May/June 1983 issue of "Freedom at Issue," published by Freedom House. It includes a comparative analysis of the ...

"When the dining hall is well-run, the production spirit will increase" via <a href="http://chineseposters.net/gallery/e15-829.php"> chineseposters.net </a> [People's Commune dining hall]

MAY 1, 1976 Article

The Other China: Hunger Part I - The Three Red Flags of Death

Up to to 43 million people died in China's famine of 1959-61, but few knew about it until decades later. Yet the information was there. From 1965...