Henning Andrés Droege

Asociación de Azucareros de Guatemala


Henning Andrés Droege is director of international affairs at Asociación de Azucareros de Guatemala.

Previously, Droege was counsellor and deputy head of mission and, before that, head of cooperation, trade, and investment, both at the Embassy of Guatemala in the United Kingdom. He has also served as an economic consultant at GTZ.

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Antigua, Guatemala. CREDIT: <a href="https://pixabay.com/en/guatemala-antigua-america-central-877429/">josephhill/Pixabay (CC)</a>

JUN 26, 2018 Transcript

Guatemala's German Connection & Latin American Unity, with Henning Andrés Droege

What is Guatemala's German connection and how has it changed over time? What is Guatemala's role in geopolitics? Could Latin America form a similar organization ...