Giandomenico Picco

Former United Nations Negotiator

Giandomenico Picco

Giandomenico Picco is now a business negotiations consultant. For 20 years (1973-1992) he was a UN negotiator involved in the Geneva Agreements on the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan; the cease-fire between Iran and Iraq, the liberation of Western hostages in Lebanon and others detained without due process.

His personal account of the end of the Iran-Iraq war and the liberation of the Western hostages from Lebanon was published in May 1999, under the title: Man Without a Gun: One Diplomat's Secret Struggle to Free the Hostages, Fight Terrorism, and End a War, by Random House-Times Books.

For his role in the resolution of the hostage saga in Lebanon, he was presented with the U.S. President's Special Award for Exceptional Service in December 1991; the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in August 1992; the British Order of St. Michael and St. George (C.M.G.); the Lebanese Order of the Cèdre du Liban, (Commandeur) in May 1993; and the Italian Order of Grande Ufficiale della Repubblica, in 1993.

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