Frank Fernandez

Former Chief Economist at Securities Industry Association


Frank Fernandez was senior vice president, chief economist, and director of research of the Securities Industry Association, responsible for all research including publications and surveys. As a member of the management committee, he was involved in all areas of SIA's activities, including supporting the legislative and regulatory agenda.

Prior to joining SIA in September 1999, Fernandez formed and operated GEM advisers, LP, a New York based broker-dealer and investment adviser, serving as both chief executive officer and principal portfolio manager for both U.S. investment companies and non-U.S. registered funds investing in both debt and equity securities globally.

Before opening GEM, he was a managing director of Merrill Lynch and Co. During the early 1990's, Fernandez was Merrill Lynch's investment strategist for both emerging debt and equity markets and a director of fixed income research. During the 1980's, he was the chief international economist for Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. and MHT's representative on commercial bank advisery committees for countries involved in external debt rescheduling.

He began his career in New York City as an economist with the FRBNY, principally involved in assessing risks of U.S. bank overseas lending for federal regulators.

Fernandez attended Georgetown University for both undergraduate (School of Foreign Service) and graduate studies (Graduate School of Economics), and the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies.