Elizabeth Seger

CASM, Demos


Elizabeth Seger is the director of CASM, Demos’ digital policy research hub.

She was previously a research scholar at the Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI) at the University of Oxford.

Featured Work

MAR 22, 2024 Podcast

Two Core Issues in the Governance of AI, with Elizabeth Seger

In this "Artificial Intelligence & Equality" podcast, Carnegie-Uehiro Fellow Wendell Wallach and Demos' Elizabeth Seger discuss how to make generative AI safe and democratic.

FEB 23, 2024 Article

What Do We Mean When We Talk About "AI Democratization"?

With numerous parties calling for "AI democratization," Elizabeth Seger, director of the CASM digital policy research hub at Demos, discusses four meanings of the term.