Elena Klepikova

Historian, Journalist, Novelist


Elena Klepikova is a Russian-born historian, journalist, and novelist who left the USSR in 1977. She was a visiting scholar at Columbia University's Russian Institute in the early 1980s. Klepikova is the co-author of Yuri Andropov: A Secret Passage into the Kremlin (1983), Behind the High Kremlin Walls (1986) and Zhirinovsky: Russian Fascism and the Making of a Dictator (1995).

Featured Work

U.S.S.R. summary map, 1968. CREDIT: <a href=https://www.loc.gov/resource/g7000.ct002923/">Library of Congress</a>

JUL 1, 1981 Article

Russia's Nightmare Joke--and Daytime Reality

"What if, today, the last great empire on earth were nothing more than a fiction trying its best to convince both itself and others of ...