Dwi Adhiasto

Wildlife Trade Expert, Wildlife Conservation Society—Indonesia Program


Dwi Adhiasto is a wildlife trade expert with the Wildlife Conservation Society's Indonesia program. He holds a Bachelor's degree in zoology from Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia, and has 14 years of conservation experience. Adhiasto has worked at WCS since 2003, spending much of his professional career focused on improving wildlife trade interventions in Indonesia.

The WCS Indonesia office is a respected presence in the country and is seen as an NGO leader in the field of wildlife trade control. Its accomplishments include training more than 500 law enforcement officers from a range of agencies, including the country's Ministry of Forestry and state prosecutors, in wildlife crime investigation and enforcement techniques.

Under Adhiasto's leadership, the office has generated reliable data on a number of wildlife trade cases, and helped the government of Indonesia prosecute hundreds of wildlife poachers, traffickers, and owners. Cases that WCS has assisted with have an arrest-to-successful-prosecution ratio of over 80 percent, and include many middlemen and several kingpins of trade in Indonesia.

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OCT 21, 2013 Article

Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016): Briefings: Lesser-known Species Fall Victim to the Illegal Wildlife Trade

Pangolins, slow lorises, freshwater turtles, and other lesser-known species all face extinction pressures if we fail to curb the illegal wildlife trade.