Douglas Rushkoff

Author and Media Expert

Douglas Rushkoff is a digital media expert, graphic novelist, and documentarian who focuses on the ways people, cultures, and institutions create, share, and influence each other's values. He is also a technology and media commentator for CNN, digital literacy advocate for and has taught and lectured around the world about media, technology, culture and economics.

He is the author of Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, as well as a dozen other bestselling books on media, technology, and culture, including Program or Be Programmed, Media Virus, Life Inc and the novel Ecstasy Club. Ruskoff also wrote the graphic novels Testament and A.D.D., and made the television documentaries Merchants of Cool, The Persuaders, and Digital Nation.

Featured Work

APR 30, 2014 Podcast

A Conversation with Douglas Rushkoff, Digital Media Expert, Graphic Novelist and Documentarian

With the advent of new means of interaction from the TV remote to Twitter, the media became a two-way conversation, says Douglas Rushkoff. But who ...