David Rosnick

Center for Economic and Policy Research

David Rosnick is aan economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Economics at the George Washington University. He has written numerous policy papers including ""The Burden of Social Security Taxes and the Burden of Excessive Health Care Costs,"" with Dean Baker, March 2005; ""Poor Numbers: The Impact of Trade Liberalization on World Poverty,"" with Mark Weisbrot and Dean Baker, November 2004; ""NAFTA at Ten: The Recount,"" with Mark Weisbrot and Dean Baker, March 2004; and ""Black Swans, Conspiracy Theories, and the Quixotic Search for Fraud: A Look at Hausmann and Rigobon's Analysis of Venezuela's Referendum Vote,"" with Mark Weisbrot and Todd Tucker, September 2004; and ""The Forty-Four Trillion Dollar Deficit Scare,"" with Dean Baker, September 2003.

He is the architect of a growing number of calculators including CEPR's Accurate Benefits Calculator which compares current-law Social Security benefits to the Bush Plan based on ""Progressive Indexing."" He also created the Housing Cost Calculator, which compares the cost of owning a home relative to renting for a potential new homeowner. It gives homebuyers a sense of how the current bubble in the housing market might affect them. Prior to joining CEPR, he worked as a Research Associate (postdoc) at the North Carolina State University at Raleigh Department of Computer Science.

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