David L. Phillips

Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University


David L. Phillips is director of the Program on Peace-building and Rights at Columbia University's Institute for the Study of Human Rights.

Featured Work

SEP 20, 2017 Podcast

An Uncertain Ally: Turkey Under Erdoğan's Dictatorship with David L. Phillips

"We need to face the fact that Turkey under Erdoğan has become a rogue regime," declares David L. Phillips. It's a corrupt, repressive, Islamist ...

MAR 20, 2015 Podcast

The Kurdish Spring: A New Map of the Middle East

In this stirring, information-filled talk on the Kurdish people, David Phillips recounts centuries of abuse and repression against the world's "largest stateless people." But he ...

APR 27, 2005 Transcript

Losing Iraq: Inside the Postwar Reconstruction Fiasco

Originally in favor of going to war, Phillips, a former State Department official, discusses the mistakes made because of the lack of a plan for ...