David Keyes

Former Spokesperson to Foreign Media for the Prime Minister of Israel


David Keyes is the Prime Minister of Israel's spokesperson to foreign media, former executive director of Advancing Human Rights, and co-founder of CyberDissidents.org.

Featured Work

FEB 20, 2015 Podcast

Secularism and Liberalism in the Middle East: Conversation with Ahed Al Hendi (Syria) and Faisal Al-Mutar (Iraq)

How can the international community help human rights activists on the front lines? David Keyes and two dissidents discuss practical steps individuals can take.

NOV 14, 2014 Podcast

A Conversation with David Keyes on Advancing Human Rights

In the Soviet era, it was difficult to alert the world of what was happening to dissidents, says David Keyes. Today, however, there's an overload ...