Daniela Segovia

Eisenhower Fellowship; Ortega y Gasset Research Institute


Daniela Segovia is an Eisenhower Fellow, a political scientist, and a lecturer at Ortega y Gasset Research Institute in Mexico.

Featured Work

A Venezuelan family at the Colombia/Ecuador border, August 2018. CREDIT: <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:This_Venezuelan_family_hopes_to_cross_the_border_between_Ecuador_and_Colombia_on_their_return_trip_to_Venezuela.jpg">Voice of America/Public Domain</a>

OCT 29, 2019 Podcast

Migration in the Americas, Empathy, & Politics, with Daniela Segovia

Political scientist Daniela Segovia, currently an Eisenhower Fellow, discusses the importance of empathy when working on and thinking about migration policy in Latin America. She ...