Daniel Brunstetter

University of California, Irvine; Ethics & International Affairs Editorial Board

Daniel Brunstetter is associate professor in the department of political science at the University of California, Irvine. He has published on the just war tradition and modern political philosophy in Political Studies, International Relations, Review of Politics, The Atlantic, and elsewhere.

Brunstetter is also codirector of UC Irvine's Program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and a faculty advisor to the Olive Tree Initiative: A University of California initiative that promotes conflict analysis and resolution through experiential education by providing students and community with the education, training and experiences needed to better negotiate and solve conflicts.

Featured Work

Students exploring the old city of Hebron with the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee, which works to preserve Hebron’s cultural heritage.

MAY 6, 2015 Article

Teaching About Intractable Conflicts: The Olive Tree Initiative

How can students learn to think more critically about conflicted regions and to engage people with different views in constructive dialogue? The Olive Tree Initiative ...