Colette Mazzucelli is an adjunct professor at New York University. A BMW Foundation Responsible Leader and Pioneer Academics Research Mentor, since 2005 she has taught courses on the graduate faculty on conflict resolution, radicalization and religion, Europe in the 21st century, international relations in the post-Cold War era, and ethnic conflicts. She also leads a research initiative on the ethics of data collection in the context of information and communications technologies in mass atrocities research and response.

Mazzucelli is strategic lead, digital innovation and learning futures, and professor (part-time), at LIU Global on Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus. The study intensive she teaches in Europe for LIU Global features extensive references to video clips on Carnegie Council's YouTube Channel. Her upcoming chapter analyzing the Treaty on European Union ("Maastricht"), authored with Paul C. Saunders, is scheduled to appear in the Oxford Encyclopedia of European Union Politics in 2018.

Last Updated: January 11, 2018