Colette Mazzucelli

New York University; LIU Global; Former Carnegie Council Staff


Colette Mazzucelli is on the graduate faculty at New York University where she has taught courses in conflict resolution, radicalization and religion, Europe in the 21st century, international relations in the post-Cold War era, and ethnic conflicts since 2005.

A BMW Foundation Responsible Leader and Pioneer Academics Research Mentor, Mazzucelli organizes the Bosch research initiative on the ethics of personal data collection at NYU New York. She is also digital learning innovator, professor (part-time), and experiential learning administrator at LIU Global on Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus. The study intensive she teaches in Europe for LIU Global features extensive references to video clips on Carnegie Council's YouTube Channel.

In 2018, Mazzucelli was named a director (academic) of the Global Listening Centre and a board member of The Data Union founded by James Felton Keith. Keith and Mazzucelli are co-editors of the Anthem Ethics of Personal Data Collection series, which publishes scholarly works at the intersection of data, ethics and digital technology in the 21st century.

Featured Work

CREDIT: Camelia.boban <a href="">Wikimedia Commons</a>

NOV 5, 2018 Article

The Ethics of Personal Data Collection: A Spectrum of Experiences from Kenya, India, and The Gambia

Many advocates now depend on mobile apps and crowdsourced data to address violations of human rights, such as physical assaults on women in India. In ...