Cliff Kupchan

Eurasia Group

Cliff Kupchan is Director, Europe and Eurasia, at the Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy. Before joining the Eurasia Group, Kupchan was at the Washington D.C.-based Nixon Center, where he served as a vice president and senior fellow and focused on the Russian energy sector, Russian politics and the Middle East. Previously, Kupchan served as vice president and director, Russia Program at the Moscow-based Eurasia Foundation. Before that, he was at the Department of State serving as deputy coordinator of U.S/ assistance to the NIS and was a professional staff member for the House Committee on International Relations (Rep. Lee Hamilton, Ranking Member). Kupchan is a frequent commentator on developments in Russia and the Eurasian energy sector for major TV networks and national newspapers and meets regularly with Russian policy makers and energy experts. He is a fluent Russian speaker and earned an AB from Brown University and an MA in Political Science from Stanford University.

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