Chuck Hagel

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense; Former U.S. Senator From Nebraska


Chuck Hagel was the 24th U.S. secretary of defense, serving under President Barack Obama, and a two-term Republican U.S. senator from Nebraska.

Featured Work

MAY 20, 2016 Podcast

Chuck Hagel on U.S. Challenges in Today's "Complicated, Interconnected World"

Drawing on decades of experience, Secretary Hagel gives a masterly and frank analysis of world events. He discusses current U.S. politics--he's confident that the ...

JUN 23, 2015 Podcast

Ethical Leadership: A Conversation with Chuck Hagel

The one constant in Chuck Hagel's varied and pressure-filled career has been ethical leadership. How have his experiences--in war, the boardroom, Congress, and as secretary ...