Christopher Harper

Masimanyane Women's Support Centre


Christopher Harper, an ordained minister in the Anglican Church, is a counseling psychologist at Masimanyane Women's Support Centre in East London, South Africa.

He is also coordinator of the Masimanyane Men's Project, which aims at providing a space for men to unlearn patterns of gender-based violence and transform their lives. In 2001–02 he was a Carnegie Council fellow, during which time he researched perceptions of the legitimacy of women’s human rights in South Africa.

Featured Work

NOV 5, 2003 Article

Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005): Series 2 No. 10 (Fall 2003): Violence Against Women: Articles: Rights for All in the New South Africa

In an interview with Dialogue, Harper discusses how violence against women in South Africa has been justified under the banners of culture, religion, and the ...

JUN 1, 2002 Article

Perceptions of the Legitimacy of Women's Human Rights in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

"While the government has adopted women's rights as an important component of the transformation of South Africa, this does not seem to be a common ...