Chris Brown

London School of Economics and Political Science


Chris Brown is professor of international relations and vice-chair of the academic board at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is the author of numerous articles in international political theory and of Practical Judgement in International Political Theory: Selected Essays (2010), Sovereignty, Rights and Justice (2002), and International Relations Theory: New Normative Approaches (1992). Brown is also editor of Political Restructuring in Europe: Ethical Perspectives (1994) and co editor (with Terry Nardin and N. J. Rengger) of International Relations in Political Thought: Texts from the Greeks to the First World War (2002). His textbook, Understanding International Relations (2009), is now in its fourth edition and has been translated into Arabic, Turkish, and Chinese.

Featured Work

JAN 18, 2011 Podcast

Ethics Matter: Chris Brown, LSE Professor of International Relations

Chris Brown reveals the roots of his current thinking, and discusses his views on Marxism, human rights, humanitarian intervention, direct versus representational democracy, and cosmopolitanism ...