Charles W. Kegley, Jr.

Kegley International, Inc.; University of South Carolina; Former Carnegie Council Trustee

Charles W. Kegley, Jr. is founding partner of Kegley International, Inc. and Distinguished Pearce Professor of International Relations Emeritus at the University of South Carolina, where he served as chairman of the Department of Government and International Studies 1981–85 and as co-director (with Lawrence S. Eagleburger) of the Byrnes International Center from 1985–88.

He has held faculty appointments at Georgetown University, the University of Texas, the People's University of China, Rutgers University, the Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales in Geneva, and was a Pew Faculty Fellow at Harvard University. He served as president of the International Studies Association 1993–94.

Writing and publishing extensively, his books include The Global Future 4th Edition (2012), World Politics: Trend and Transformation 14th Edition (2012), and After Iraq: The Imperiled American Imperium (2007).

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