Carl Colby

Carl Colby Films, LLC.


Carl Colby is a documentary filmmaker and producer and the president of Carl Colby Films, LLC. He is the producer and director of feature documentary The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father, CIA Spymaster William Colby and the television documentary Legends in Light: The Photography of George Hurrell.

Featured Work

FEB 27, 2014 Podcast

The Future of American Warfighting: Lessons of the Contemporary Battlefield

What are the ethical and legal questions raised by unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, and surveillance? How do they affect combatants, decision-makers, and civilians? An expert ...

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FEB 13, 2014 Podcast

Rules of Engagement: The Legal, Ethical and Moral Challenges of the Long War

Can the drone campaign be legally and morally justified? What are the limits to the president's authority when it comes to targeted killing? Don't miss ...