Brianna Rosen

Just Security; Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford


Brianna Rosen is a senior fellow at Just Security and the University of Oxford and research affiliate at the Machine Intelligence and Normative Theory Lab at the Australian National University.

Featured Work

APR 9, 2024 Video

Algorithms of War: The Use of AI in Armed Conflict

From Gaza to Ukraine, the military applications of AI are fundamentally reshaping the ethics of war. How should policymakers navigate AI’s inherent trade-offs?

MAR 26, 2024 Podcast

When the War Machine Decides: Algorithms, Secrets, and Accountability in Modern Conflict, with Brianna Rosen

Arthur Holland Michel and Oxford's Brianna Rosen discuss the war in Gaza, the U.S. drone program, and algorithmic decisions, transparency, and accountability.