Bjørn Friborg

Ethics Fellow for the Future Alumnus

Bjørn Friborg is pursuing an MA in history from the University of Copenhagen. He has a BA in religious studies.

Currently, he is working with [rofessor and Global Ethics Fellow Helle Porsdam on his Master's thesis, which focuses on the interaction between human rights and intellectual property, an issue of particular importance as he also works in the music and film industry. Beside the social side of history, Friborg is very enthusiastic about ancient history and medieval history. He wrote his Bachelor's thesis on the interaction between Catholics and Muslims in the Levant between the first and third crusade.

Friborg currently works in the human resources department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. He graduated from the European Film College in 2010 and has been involved in various fictional and commercial media projects since then. As a director, he is very interested in the distribution of film, and how the emerging platforms (such as crowd funding) will affect the industry.

After his Master's degree, he hopes to pursue a Ph.D., also within the field of human rights and history.