Bernard Salome

Advisor, Côte d'Ivoire Presidency; State Ministry for Employment, Social Afairs and Solidarity


Dr. Bernard Salomé is advisor at the Côte d'Ivoire Presidency and at the State Ministry for Employment, Social Afairs and Solidarity. Previously, Salomé was managing director of the Millennium Foundation for Innovative Finance for Health. He lead the strategic vision for the Foundation combining his experience in international development, economics, and policy. Dr. Salomé has over 30 years of professional experience with international organizations in various assignments involving sustainable development, global policy, high-level strategic planning, and crisis management. Prior to his work with the Millennium Foundation, he was the Director of the Voluntary Solidarity Contribution project within the Cabinet of the Political Advisor of the President of France. He has also served as head of the World Bank Extractive Industries Review (2001–2003), as head of the Economic Policy Office of UNMIK in Kosovo in the late 1990s, and as the main strategic advisor on economic and social issues to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Dr. Bernard Kouchner. Early in his career, Dr. Salomé worked on education and human resources projects for the Africa and Asia divisions of the World Bank, as well as the Deputy Director of the G-7 Support Implementation Group in Moscow, where he designed a complete information system used by all embassies and donor agencies for external aid to Russia (technical assistance, humanitarian aid, export credit, and budget support). An economist by training, Dr. Salomé received his doctorate in Economic Development from Université Paris Sorbonne in 1984. He is the author of eight books on development issues and seven World Bank reports.

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