Ben Ersing

Palladium International; Carnegie New Leader


Ben Ersing is an associate at Palladium International and also a Carnegie New Leader (CNL). He works with a range of clients on strategic challenges related to global emerging and frontier markets. He has worked with leaders of publicly traded multinational corporations, investors and donors, domestic and foreign governments, and early stage start-ups. Previously, he supported the development and launch of Palladium's emerging markets Impact Investing practice.

Ersing has worked in multiple countries across Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East and Asia. He has a Masters in International Business & Diplomacy (MIBD) from New York University, and an A.B. in International Political Economics from the Williams School of Commerce, Economics & Policy at Washington & Lee University. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Microfinance Club of New York (MFCNY).

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SEP 27, 2017 Article

The Evolution of Corporate Ethics: A Strategic Case for Profit Maximization through Responsible Behavior

"We are now transitioning from a world where philanthropic social contributions, i.e., Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), influenced behavior, to one where authentic Positive Impact ...