Barry Herman

The New School; Carnegie Council/New School Ethics and Debt Project


Barry Herman is visiting senior fellow in the Graduate Program in International Affairs, The New School, and senior advisor in the Financing for Development Office of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. He was part of the UN Secretariat team that prepared the Monterrey Summit on Financing for Development in 2002. Earlier, he led the team that produced the UN’s annual World Economic and Social Survey. He began his UN career in 1976, when he worked on promoting personal savings mobilization in developing countries. Before joining the Secretariat, he taught development and international economics. He holds Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and MBA from the University of Chicago. He has edited three books and published articles and chapters in books on North-South financial issues.

Barry Herman is project director of the Carnegie Council/New School project, Ethics and Debt.

Featured Work

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