Barnett Rubin

Center for International Cooperation, New York University


Barnett R. Rubin, an expert on Afghanistan and South Asia, is the director of studies/senior fellow at the Center for International Cooperation at New York University.

Featured Work

L to R: Ahmed Rashid and Barnett Rubin. CREDIT: Amanda Ghanooni, Carnegie Council

DEC 1, 2015 Podcast

Afghanistan and Pakistan: The Re-emergence of the Taliban and the Arrival of ISIS

Ahmed Rashid and Barnett Rubin dissect the complicated situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan--a region of many competing terrorist groups--and also comment on ISIS in the ...

Left to right: Barnett Rubin and Zahir Tanin. CREDIT: Johnson

JAN 26, 2015 Podcast

The Afghan Challenge

With a new president in charge, can Afghanistan find a way out of decades of conflict and oppression? What will be the effect of the ...

MAR 14, 2006 Podcast

The Forgotten War: Afghanistan

Recent elections mark the last formal step towards democracy in Afghanistan. Yet the past year has seen a steady increase in political violence. What is ...

MAR 14, 2006 Podcast

Interview with Dr. Barnett Rubin

"It's very difficult to be optimistic," says Dr. Rubin, one of the world's foremost experts on Afghanistan. "Still, five years ago we could never have ...

The Fragmentation of Afghanistan by Barnett Rubin

JUN 25, 2002 Transcript

The Fragmentation of Afghanistan: State Formation and Collapse in the International System

Afghanistan is "hard to rule" for the same reason it's hard to conquer: it does not have many resources, the settlements are far apart, and ...