Bahman Baktiari

Center for International Policy and Commerce


Bahman Baktiari is director of research and academic programming, William S. Cohen Center for International Policy and Commerce at the University of Maine. The Center serves as a national focal point for discussion on international policy, national defense, homeland security, globalization, and international trade.

Featured Work

NOV 19, 2001 Article

Milosevic in The Hague: Trial or Error?

How and where should we try the world's most infamous criminals? Does the trial of Slobodan Milosevic at The Hague provide support for trying ...

OCT 20, 2001 Article

The Ethics of the "New War" in the Aftermath of 9/11

The U.S.-led coalition against terrorism has begun bombing Taliban targets in Afghanistan. But will this achieve its aims, or merely provoke the terrorists ...