Arthur M. Schlesinger

Historian (1917-2007)


The historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. (1917-2007) was professor emeritus in the humanities at the City University of New York. Before his retirement he was Albert Schweitzer Professor of the Humanities at CUNY and taught at Harvard and Princeton.

Featured Work

DEC 12, 1995 Article

Nizer Lectures (1994–1998): America and the World: Isolationism Resurgent?

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. argues for a reexamination of the Wilsonian doctrine of collective security and a greater concentration on preventive diplomacy, to enhance the ...

Cartoon featured in "Is the Cold War Over?" booklet

NOV 29, 1989 Article

Morgenthau Lectures (1981–2006): Is the Cold War Over?

Arthur Schlesinger analyzes the failure of the Soviet experiment, something no historian had predicted. "The internal contradictions of communism proved far more destructive than those ...