Arta Moeini

Visiting Fellow, U.S. Global Engagement Initiative (USGE); Institute for Peace & Diplomacy

Dr. Arta Moeini is an international political theorist and a scholar of modernity and geopolitics whose research spans questions of civilizational power and cultural renewal, the role of ideology in statecraft, realist approaches to foreign policy, and global cultural pluralism.

As a visiting fellow with the U.S. Global Engagement initiative (USGE) at Carnegie Council, Moeini will focus on the changing nature of the international system and its implications for global norms. Put simply, given the rise of new powers, how should we reimagine “values” so that they be conducive to global coexistence and not be a regular source of conflict between an “us” and a “them”.

Moeini is also the director of research at the Institute for Peace & Diplomacy (IPD), an international affairs think tank committed to advancing realism and restraint in U.S. foreign policy. An elected member of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters, his writings have appeared in AGON, Compact, UnHerd, The American Conservative, The National Interest, and elsewhere.

He holds a BA in political science and Near Eastern studies from the University of California Berkeley, a Masters in international relations from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and a Ph.D. (with distinction) and MA in government from Georgetown University.