Anna Visvizi

Institute of East-Central Europe, Poland; The American College of Greece


Anna Visvizi is a political scientist and economist, editor, and research consultant with extensive experience in academia and the think-tank sector in Europe and the United States. She is a head of research at the Institute of East-Central Europe, Poland, and assistant professor at DEREE - The American College of Greece.

Featured Work

Migrants' life jackets and inflatable tubes on Lesbos. CREDIT: <a href="">Tyson Sadler</a>. (See also Sadler's Carnegie Council <a href="">Instagram Take-over</a>.)

SEP 7, 2016 Article

Greece, the Greeks, and the Crisis: Reaching Beyond "That's how it Goes"

Understandably, international attention focuses on the sufferings of migrants arriving in Greece. But what of the Greeks themselves? Though largely invisible to tourists, the country's ...

CREDIT: <a href="">Prime Minister of Greece</a> (<a href="">CC</a>).

DEC 10, 2012 Article

The Crisis in Greece, Democracy, and the EU

The sovereign-debt crisis in Greece made clear that the fate of Greece, the Eurozone, and the EU are irrevocably bound together. It sparked debates on ...