Anjanette DeCarlo is currently a visiting professor of environmental studies at St. Michael's College. Previously she was a Senior Jeffords Fellow at the Institute for Environmental Diplomacy & Security at the University of Vermont (UVM).

Her Ph.D. in natural resources from UVM focused on environment, women's empowerment, and conflict resolution as a merged agenda for sustainable development. She is currently working on reconciliation in post-war countries as well as the power of trade and commerce to create peace in conflict zones.

As a development consultant with 20 years field experience, she specializes in Africa, Latin America, and the United States. She was awarded the E. F. Schumacher scholarship to study holistic science at the Schumacher Institute as well as the Irene P. Goldring science award.

Prior to her Ph.D. studies, DeCarlo was the program coordinator at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. With a successful track record of raising millions of dollars, she reaches the donor community at all levels from small gifts to large grants and contracts. Her emphasis for developing programs at Gund was to bridge the gap between academia and the needs of people on the ground.

She has also worked for organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense Council and the United Nations. As a development expert she has led USAID development projects, served the UN Security Council on resolution 1325, been a World Bank Lighting Africa finalist, awarded for her work with international grassroots NGOs, and taught numerous courses and ateliers.

Last Updated: June 6, 2017