Andrew Kuper

LeapFrog; Former Carnegie Council Senior Associate


Andrew Kuper is president and founder of LeapFrog, the world's first microinsurance fund, hailed by President Clinton as the ""Insurer to the Poor."" The fund invests in businesses in Africa and Asia that provide affordable insurance to low-income and vulnerable people, targeting robust returns for investors while reaching 25 million people with essential financial services. Kuper is a serial entrepreneur and investor in emerging markets. He is a former managing director of Ashoka, which has financed and connected over 2500 social entrepreneurs in 70 countries. He founded and led the Empire and Democracy Project at the Carnegie Council in 2003-4. Kuper is also the author of Democracy Beyond Borders (Oxford) and Global Responsibilities (Routledge) and a host of other publications.

Featured Work

DEC 7, 2006 Podcast

Can and Should Trade Be Used to Promote Human Rights, Fairness? Part 2

Andrew Kuper discusses non-state actors as part of a new balance of powers. Kuper offers alternative methods--through demonstration rather than remonstration--for dealing with problems associated ...

Global Responsibilities, Andrew Kuper ed.

SEP 19, 2005 Podcast

Global Responsibilities: How Can Multinational Corporations Deliver on Human Rights?

Who has the responsibility to alleviate poverty and uphold human rights in a globalized world where corporations often wield more power than nation-states?

MAY 7, 2004 Article

The Impact of Corporations on Global Governance

In this report of the Empire and Democracy Project three leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) experts discuss the growing influence of corporate power on democratic ...

MAR 31, 2004 Article

Promoting Democracy through International Law

Failing to draw adequately on international law, the model of democracy promoted by the Bush administration is neither effective nor legitimate in the eyes of ...

Multilateral Strategies to Promote Democracy

JAN 27, 2004 Article

Multilateral Strategies to Promote Democracy

A panel of high-level peers meet at the Council to discuss multilateral strategies for democracy promotion. Impatient with the usual critique, they begin with two ...

Promoting Democracy in a Divided World

JAN 1, 2004 Article

Feature Articles from Inprint Newsletter (2001–2004): Promoting Democracy in a Divided World

Democracies survive if per capita GDP surpasses $6,000, but developing countries have little chance of crossing this threshold. To make democracy work in such contexts, ...