Andrew J. Nathan

Columbia University


Andrew Nathan is Class of 1919 Professor of Political Science at Columbia University and director of graduate studies in the political science department. Nathan's books include China’s New Rulers: The Secret Files, The Tiananmen Papers, and Chinese Democracy.

Featured Work

A Hong Kong procession after the death of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, July 2017. CREDIT: <a href="">Voice of America/Public Domain</a>

AUG 15, 2018 Podcast

Banned in China, with Andrew J. Nathan

What's the "anaconda in the chandelier" in China that looms over foreign scholars, journalists, and Chinese citizens expressing their opinions? Find out in this podcast ...

China Search for Security

FEB 19, 2013 Podcast

Public Affairs: China's Search for Security

In this masterly and comprehensive talk, Andrew Nathan looks at the world from Beijing's viewpoint and sees a very challenging environment for China. He identifies ...

How East Asians View Democracy

DEC 4, 2008 Podcast

How East Asians View Democracy

Nathan and Chu report on surveys in five new democracies (Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Mongolia), one established one (Japan), and two nondemocracies (China ...

SEP 24, 2004 Transcript

A response to Elsa Stamatopoulou's paper "Why Cultural Rights Now?" (9/23/04)

In this discussion of Elsa Stamatopoulou's paper "Why Cultural Rights Now?" Richard Wilson remarks that she takes a "mediated" or "modulated universalism" view on human ...

Should States Apologize?

APR 19, 2001 Article

Should States Apologize?

According to Chinese President Jiang Zemin, the United States owed China an official apology (baoqian) for sending out a spy plane that collided with a ...