Amandeep Singh Gill

Envoy on Technology, United Nations Secretary-General


Amandeep Singh Gill is the envoy on technology for the United Nations Secretary-General. He is also CEO and project director at I-DAIR and the former executive director and co-lead of the Secretariat of the UN Secretary General's High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation.

Featured Work

FEB 7, 2023 Podcast

Technology Governance and the Role of Multilateralism, with Amandeep Singh Gill

In this AIEI podcast, Wendell Wallach and Anja Kaspersen are joined by Ambassador Amandeep Singh Gill, UN Secretary-General Guterres' envoy on technology. They discuss some ...

APR 19, 2021 Podcast

ICGAI: Meaningful Inclusivity in Governing the AI Revolution

Don't miss Session 2 of the International Congress for the Governance of Artificial Intelligence (ICGAI) online speaker series! This event focused on "Meaningful Inclusivity in Governing ...