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Alice Korngold is president of Korngold Consulting LLC, which provides strategy consulting services to Fortune 100 corporations, professional services firms, foundations, universities, healthcare institutions, and the boards of directors of global, national and regional nonprofits in the areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR), nonprofit board governance, and for-profit and nonprofit partnerships.

Featured Work

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MAY 22, 2014 Podcast

Corporations as Agents of Change

Can today's powerful multinational corporations be a force for social good? Should they be, and if so, how should this be implemented? Are they out ...

MAR 8, 2012 Podcast

Responsible Oversight: How Boards Can Promote Profitable and Ethical Organizations

In this in-depth discussion, participants examine two case-studies, one for-profit and one non-profit organization: Kimberly-Clark (parent company of Kleenex and Huggies, among other brands), and ...

NOV 12, 2009 Podcast

Serving on a Nonprofit Board: Opportunities, Qualifications, and Expectations

Joining a nonprofit board of directors is a tremendous opportunity to help an organization advance a mission that is important to you. Learn who nonprofit ...

JUL 23, 2009 Podcast

Interview with Alice Korngold

Consultant, author, and blogger Alice Korngold talks about her work connecting corporate executives with nonprofit boards, and the transformation that takes place, person after person, ...