Alexis Dudden

University of Connecticut


Alexis Dudden is a professor of history at the University of Connecticut.

Featured Work

Confucius Institute on the campus of Troy University in Alabama. CREDIT: <a href="">Kreeder13 (CC)</a>

JUL 11, 2018 Podcast

Asia's "Opinion Wars" with Historian Alexis Dudden

As part of our new Information Warfare podcast series, University of Connecticut historian Alexis Dudden looks at the propaganda efforts coming out of Northeast Asia, ...

Emperor Akihito (then crown prince) & Michiko Shoda at their wedding in 1959. CREDIT: <a href="">Wikimedia/Public Domain</a>

JUL 26, 2016 Podcast

Japan's Relationship with its Past and Future

Prime Minister Abe is the leading member of the small but powerful group Nippon Kaigi, which wants to turn its back on the international community ...