Alex Felson

Yale University


Alex Felson is an associate professor at the Yale School of Architecture.

Felson is a landscape architect and urban ecologist whose research and practice focus on integrating knowledge of ecological processes with the multifaceted socio-economic, political and infrastructural factors of the city.

As a practicing landscape architect in New York City, his projects ranged from the Harlem 123rd Street community garden to the New York City Reforestation Plan, where he and his team at EDAW orchestrated and are implementing a citywide parkland design strategy. The latter involves establishing standardized urban research plots as public space that also provides researchers with an opportunity for forest soil and carbon sequestration studies. Through an integrated design process he endeavors to create resilient and adaptable urban landscapes. The East River marsh planter designed with Ken Smith, Landscape Architect in New York City, is one such project. It works as a public research tool that adaptively manages constructed salt marsh habitats on a site where 30,000 commuters walk by daily.

For his market-driven ecological design work, he was recently included among Crain's 40 Under 40 New York's Rising Stars Class of 2009.

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