Alex J. Bellamy

University of Queensland; Editorial Board, Ethics & International Affairs


Alex J. Bellamy is professor of peace and conflict studies at the University of Queensland. His books include Kosovo and International Society (2002), Security Communities and Their Neighbours: Regional Fortresses or Global Integrators? (2004), Understanding Peacekeeping (edited with Paul D. Williams and Stuart Griffin, 2004), International Society and Its Critics (editor, 2004), Just Wars: From Cicero to Iraq (2006), and Fighting Terror: Ethical Dilemmas (2008), and Responsibility to Protect (2009).

He serves on the editorial board of Ethics & International Affairs.

Featured Work

MAR 3, 2009 Podcast

Alex Bellamy on the Responsibility to Protect

"This is just the beginning of the road for R2P," says Bellamy. "There are a lot of skeptics...but it is a principle that ...