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Exiled Eritrean writer/journalist Abraham T. Zere is executive director of PEN Eritrea in Exile. Follow him on Twitter: @abraham_zere and on his blog: http://abrahamzere.com/.

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May 2, 2015. A boat carrying 369 mainly Eritrean migrants, 45 km off the Libyan coast. The bilge pump was blocked and water was pouring in. Everyone was evacuated safely to a rescue boat and taken to Sicily. ©Jason Florio - all rights reserved.

MAR 22, 2017 Article

No Place for Eritreans

Eritreans are fleeing their repressive homeland at the rate of 5,000 a month. Yet once they manage to leave, new dangers await these hapless refugees, from ...

Abraham T. Zere, writer/journalist in exile

DEC 30, 2016 Article

Eritrea: An Exiled Nation Suspended in Liminal Space through Social Media

Exiled Eritreans use social media to organize opposition against the tyrannical regime back home and to provide crucial information for the thousands of young migrants ...