Netanyahu’s Far-Right Partners Were Birthed by U.S. Terrorists
Zach Dorfman 04/08/2019 | Media Mentions
Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman writes for "Foreign Policy" about a Brooklyn-born militant's connections to the Netanyahu administration in Israel.
I Love Tokyo! A Professor Explores Nishi-Ogikubo
James Farrer 04/03/2019 | Media Mentions
Pacific Fellow James Farrer appears in an NHK World-Japan television segment about the town of Nishi-Ogikubo and his research of neighbhorhood micro-culture.
ITT Special Report: Women in Power 03/29/2019 | Media Mentions The "In the Thick" podcast reports on a Carnegie New Leaders panel, co-organized by the Metro New York chapter of UN Women, on what the future of politics looks like for women of color, and where New York City falls short/
As Trump escalates rhetoric, Iran's wartime preparations include terrorist attacks and assassinations
Zach Dorfman 03/18/2019 | Media Mentions
Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman writes for Yahoo News about Iran's covert strategies and how the reaction from the United States.
US and Saudi Arabia block geoengineering governance push
Janos Pasztor 03/14/2019 | Media Mentions
C2G2 Executive Director Janos Pasztor is quoted in a "Climate Home News" article about the United States and Saudi Arabia failing to agree to a Swiss resolution, rasied at the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, to consider regulating techn…
Germany's New Political Divide
Alexander Görlach 03/06/2019 | Media Mentions
Senior Fellow Alexander Görlach writes for "The New York Times" about politics in Germany, as the Greens and the Liberals have gained in popularity, along with the rise in prominence of far right veiws.
Trump's North Korea summit failed because he doesn't understand what Kim Jong Un really wants
Jeffrey D. McCausland 03/05/2019 | Media Mentions
Senior Fellow Jeff McCausland writes for NBC News that the Hanoi Summit failed because of Trump's negotiating strategies.
Coherence and Comprehensiveness: An American Foreign Policy Imperative
Philip Caruso 03/01/2019 | Media Mentions
Philip Caruso, World War I fellow and Pacific delegate, co-authors a Belfer Center paper with David Petraeus about the need for American foreign policy to be coherent and comprehensive.
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