Survey: What Can We Expect From the Trump-Putin Summit?
Nikolas K. Gvosdev 07/12/2018 | Media Mentions
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev is quoted in this Russia Matters article on the expectations for the Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki.
353rd CACOM commander speaks about ethical leadership 07/10/2018 | Media Mentions Defense Visual Information Distribution Service highlights Brig. Gen. Robert S. Cooley's visit with the Carnegie New Leaders.
Give talks a chance: in defense of the Singapore summit
Devin T. Stewart 07/06/2018 | Media Mentions
In this article, Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart defends the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore.
The Political Earthquake About to Hit Germany
Alexander Görlach 07/03/2018 | Media Mentions
The next few weeks may well bring the biggest political earthquake to hit Germany in a generation, writes Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Alexander Görlach in this New York Times opinion piece.
SAIS Magazine Summer 2018 - Alumni Life
Devin T. Stewart 06/21/2018 | Media Mentions
SAIS Magazine highlights Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart's Pacific Delegates trip to Indonesia in Fall 2017.
Comment le FN est devenu si pro-russe
Nicolas Lebourg 05/30/2018 | Media Mentions
This article in the French edition of "Slate" on how France's National Front became pro-Russian is by Nicolas Lebourg, as part of Carnegie Council's "Russian Soft Power in France" project.
La Russie, terre promise de l’extrême droite française ?
Nicolas Lebourg 05/29/2018 | Media Mentions
This op-ed in on the rise of the right in France by Nicolas Lebourg is part of Carnegie Council's "Russian Soft Power in France" project.
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