It's Time for the U.S. and Chinese Militaries to Cooperate on HADR
Austin McKinneyDecember 5, 2018 | Media Mentions
Relations between the U.S. and China are at their lowest point in decades. Joint Humanitarian and Disaster Response (HADR) would provide an effective mechanism to improve military-to-military engagement between the U.S. and China. The Phili…
What the New York Times Got Wrong About North Korea
Devin T. Stewart 11/19/2018 | Media Mentions
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart writes for "The National Interest" about problems that he sees in a "New York Times" report on North Korea's nuclear program.
Machine-Learning, Climate Change, and Disaster Management in the Philippines
Chetan Peddada 11/18/2018 | Media Mentions
Carnegie Council Pacific Delegate Chetan Peddada writes for "The Diplomat" about the Asia Dialgoues trip to the Philippines, led by Senior Fellow Devin Stewart, to research climate change.
Die Wahnsinnsmethode 11/16/2018 | Media Mentions German policy journal "Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft" translated Senior Fellow Devin Stewart's October 2018 War on the Rocks commentary on Donald Trump's sense of humor and foreign policy record.
China wants a new world order. At the U.N., NGOs secretly paid cash to promote Beijing’s vision.
Zach Dorfman 11/11/2018 | Media Mentions
In this Yahoo News article, Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman, Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, and Nick McKenzie report on the indictmnent of Hong Kong official Patrick Ho on foreign bribery and money laundering charges.
The War That Never Ended
Ted Widmer 11/10/2018 | Media Mentions
World War I officially concluded a century ago. But its aftershocks reverberate even today, writes Carnegie-Uehiro Fellow Ted Widmer in this "New York Times" opinion piece.
The CIA's communications suffered a catastrophic compromise. It started in Iran.
Zach Dorfman 11/02/2018 | Media Mentions
In this Yahoo News article, Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman and Jenna McClaughlin report on the CIA's 2013 covert communications system breakdown.
Carnegie Focus on N.I. 11/01/2018 | Media Mentions "Irish America" highlighted the International Seminar on Wellbeing in Northern Ireland, co-sponsored by Carnegie UK Trust and Carnegie Council, on October 8 in New York.
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