Opinion: Pope Francis and the Catholic Church's moral bankruptcy
Alexander Görlach 08/27/2018 | Media Mentions
Pope Francis' visit to Ireland was already dominated by an abuse scandal, but the latest blow to the pontiff might prove fatal. For German broadcaster Deutche Welle, Senior Fellow Alexander Görlach writes that in its present form, the Cath…
Geoengineering Could Lead To Lower Crop Yields: New Study
Janos Pasztor 08/20/2018 | Media Mentions
C2G2 Executive Director Janos Pasztor is quoted in this ZeroHedge article about the possible unintended effects of geoengineering.
How to Kill a Presidential Scandal
Zach Dorfman 08/10/2018 | Media Mentions
Republicans smothered the Iran-Contra affair, writes Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman in "Foreign Policy." The same might happen with Trump and Russia.
Hidden Faces of WW1: Maxillofacial Portraits Preserved
Katherine Akey 08/02/2018 | Media Mentions
WWI Living Legacy Fellow Katherine Akey is interviewed about the photo collection of Roy Bard Sheetz, who took pictures of soldiers who had suffered disfiguring facial injuries during WWI. This is also the subject of her work for the fellow…
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