We can’t walk blindly into the Metaverse
Wendell Wallach 11/24/2021 | Media Mentions
In this opinion article in "Fortune",  Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Wendell Wallach discusses the limitations of human connectivity in the "Metaverse" and cautions against walking blindly into these virtual spaces.
How Putin Is Pushing Back Against the West
Nikolas K. Gvosdev 11/15/2021 | Media Mentions
In this article for "The National Interest", Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev responds to the various crises springing up in Eastern Europe, including the deployment of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border and the use of migration from Belar…
'How You Are, or Are Not, Being Watched.' Arthur Holland Michel on Surveillance Tech
Arthur Holland Michel 11/01/2021 | Media Mentions
"Every month, there is a new surveillance device coming out that has a new way of watching, listening or tracking us." In an interview with Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN), Senior Fellow Arthur Holland Michel explains how surveil…
China’s wolf warrior diplomacy
Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Tatiana Serafin 10/26/2021 | Media Mentions
In the past several years China has become more assertive, and its diplomats have again used sharper language — it’s been called "wolf warrior diplomacy." This segment of Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "Big Ideas" podcast seri…
Why Nobody Invests in Japan
Richard Katz 10/13/2021 | Media Mentions
Japan's hesitancy towards foreign direct investment (FDI) is rooted in decades-old formal and informal hurdles placed in the way of foreign enterprises' efforts to acquire domestic firms. In this "Foreign Affairs" article, former Senior Fel…
Why NATO Must Transform for the Twenty-First Century
Nikolas K. Gvosdev 10/12/2021 | Media Mentions
"The AUKUS deal and the Franco-Greek pact point to what is likely to be the defining characteristic of [NATO] in the mid-2020s, not a mighty coalition of thirty states but a toolbox," writes Senior Fellow Nikolas K. Gvosdev in "Why NATO Mus…
An Iranian perspective on life in Iran
Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Tatiana Serafin 10/04/2021 | Media Mentions
In "The Heartbeat of Iran," journalist Tara Kangarlou shows what life in Iran is really like—beyond the many times hostile headlines in the mainstream media and optics of foreign policy. This segment of Australian Broadcasting Corporatio…
Scientists Say Brighter Clouds Might Protect Great Barrier Reef From Climate Crisis
Janos Pasztor 09/28/2021 | Media Mentions
In this article from "EcoWatch", Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G) executive director Janos Pasztor comments on trials of marine cloud brightening, a technique used to alter the climate. "One could say that there should have been…
The Biden Administration Wants to Ignore Its Most Obvious Problem: Russia
Nikolas K. Gvosdev 09/12/2021 | Media Mentions
In an article for "The National Interest", U.S. Global Engagement Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev writes that Moscow is engaged in a game of “natural gas chicken,” because it hopes that concerns about low reserves in Europe will create pr…
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