America Needs Unity on China
Joshua Eisenman, Devin T. Stewart 05/13/2019 | Media Mentions
Washington cannot afford to let rival powers divide America along partisan lines, writes Senior Fellow Devin Stewart and Global Ethics Fellow Alumnus Joshua Eisenman for "Tbe National Interest."
How the Census Changed America
Ted Widmer 05/01/2019 | Media Mentions
The simple act of enumeration created data processing, led to the establishment of the National Archives, and rooted a rootless people, writes Carnegie-Uehiro Fellow Ted Widmer for "The New Yorker."
Netanyahu’s Far-Right Partners Were Birthed by U.S. Terrorists
Zach Dorfman 04/08/2019 | Media Mentions
Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman writes for "Foreign Policy" about a Brooklyn-born militant's connections to the Netanyahu administration in Israel.
The hate speech threat to the 2020 election
Hunter Marston 04/06/2019 | Media Mentions
Online hate speech and fake news in the run-up to the next general election will make 2020 a dangerous year for Myanmar, writes Carnegie New Leader Hunter Martson for "Frontier Myanmar."
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