2018 Uehiro-Carnegie-Oxford Conference: Ethics and the Future of Artificial Intelligence


What kinds of decisions should we delegate to machines? Can and should we program morality into certain applications of AI? Should AI be used in defense and policing—and under what circumstances?

FEB 13, 2019 Transcript

Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems: Can the International Community Agree on an Approach?

"It is not very often that a United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions makes headlines or that his/her report gets ...

MAY 17, 2018 Transcript

What Robots Represent and Why it Matters, with Robert Sparrow

Robots are not neutral. People attach social meanings to them. Robert Sparrow discusses the politics of sex and race in the robots that humans create, ...

MAY 17, 2018 Transcript

Virtual Emotion for Robot - Towards Human Support Robot

Robots do not have volition (free will) yet, so they are subject to human ethics as they are controlled by humans. But once they have ...

MAY 17, 2018 Transcript

AI and Safety, with Kush Varshney

When it comes to machine learning, are safety and ethics the same thing?

MAY 17, 2018 Transcript

AI, Public Policy, and Aging Society, with Yoshinori Hiroi

"The issues of aging are a common agenda for the industrialized countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan. AI technology can be beneficial ...

MAY 17, 2018 Transcript

Designing the Workplace with AI and Robots, with Arisa Ema

In Japan we used to hear the phrase "AI and robots will solve our social problems." But AI and robots also create other new social ...

MAY 17, 2018 Transcript

Moral Machines, with Wendell Wallach

Can artificial agents make moral decisions? Do we want them to make moral decisions? When? For what? If so, whose ethics, whose values, are going ...

MAY 11, 2018 Transcript

AI and Power, with Julia Powles

"I think it's a real tragedy that we are stumbling into a world where we are essentially resigned to the power, invisible or acknowledged, of ...