Sarajevo Symposium


On June 27, 2014, Carnegie Council held a high-profile symposium in Sarajevo titled "The Crisis of 1914 and What It Means for Us Today." It commemorated the June 28, 1914, assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, which led to World War I.

SEP 3, 2014 Podcast

World War to a Global Ethic

"We come here—100 years to the day from the calamitous events of the summer of 1914—to remember, to take stock, and to recommit to the ...

SEP 3, 2014 Podcast

Was World War I Inevitable?

We're still trying to understand what World War I meant. It is a very complex event, one that has echoes into the present, and we've ...

George Rupp in Sarajevo. CREDIT: Irfan Redzovic

SEP 3, 2014 Podcast

Religion in War and Reconciliation

"There is a long way to go before religious communities become more of a resource for reducing rather than a source for increasing antagonism. But ...

SEP 3, 2014 Podcast

Ethics and War

"In this talk I want to consider how the ways in which we assess the morality of war are changing. My concern is not to ...

Adam Roberts in Sarajevo. CREDIT: Irfan Redzovic

SEP 3, 2014 Podcast

Legal and Moral International Norms Since 1914

"What lessons has humankind learned from the events of 1914 in Sarajevo? And are there further lessons that we should have learned, but didn't? Have our ...

Ivo Banac in Sarajevo. CREDIT: Irfan Redzovic

SEP 3, 2014 Podcast

War and Reconciliation in the Twentieth-Century Balkans

What are the remedies for the endless cycles of violence in the Balkans? Croatian historian Ivo Banac examines various solutions that have been tried and ...

Michael Ignatieff, Joel Rosenthal, George Rupp, Mustafa Cerić, Adam Roberts, David Rodin, and Ivo Banac (L to R). <br>CREDIT: Irfan Redzovic

SEP 3, 2014 Podcast

Sarajevo Panel Discussion

In this wide-ranging conversation, participants from the Sarajevo Symposium discuss the past, present, and future of the former Yugoslav states with a focus on Bosnia ...

SEP 3, 2014 Podcast

Sarajevo Symposium, Closing Remarks

"We have all got to live with each other. There will be Serbs here in a thousand years, Croats here in a thousand years. We're ...