Russian Soft Power in France (2017-2018)


Why is Russian influence so strong in France? There are plenty of historical, cultural, geopolitical, and economic reasons--and for the French extreme right, it's also a question of shared values. This project is led by Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Marlene Laruelle.

JUN 20, 2018 Podcast

Russian Soft Power in France, with Marlene Laruelle & Jean-Yves Camus

It's important to understand that Russia and France have had a centuries-long relationship which is mostly positive, say French scholars Marlene Laruelle and Jean-Yves Camus. ...

JUN 13, 2018 Article

French Political Parties and Russia: The Politics of Power and Influence

"In 2018, what relationship do French political parties have with the Russian Federation, its government, and its political parties, including but not limited to its most ...

MAY 15, 2018 Article

The French Far Right in Russia's Orbit

"Far-right groups in France are not restricted to the party of the Le Pen family. They are diverse, operate through networks, and are now well ...

JAN 8, 2018 Article

Russian Soft Power in France: Assessing Moscow's Cultural and Business Para-diplomacy

Don't miss this fascinating account that maps Russian soft power in France by looking at networks that are not directly state-produced: diaspora organizations, those linked ...