Ethics Matter Interview Series


This series featured speakers from very different backgrounds, countries, and professions. What they have in common are strongly held moral convictions and a passionate commitment to their work, which makes for memorable conversations.

JUN 27, 2018 Podcast

From Enemies to Partners: Vietnam, the U.S., & Agent Orange, with Charles R. Bailey

The Vietnam War ended over 40 years ago, but the U.S. and Vietnam are still coming to terms with the legacy of the toxic herbicide ...

Qin Gao. CREDIT: Billy Pickett.

MAY 3, 2018 Podcast

Poverty Reduction & Social Welfare in China, with Qin Gao

Professor Qin Gao, director of Columbia's China Center for Social Policy, explains the workings of the Chinese "Dibao" (limited income guarantee) system. "Dibao is doing ...

Robert Bank. CREDIT: Billy Pickett.

MAY 2, 2018 Podcast

Promoting Human Rights in the Developing World, with American Jewish World Service's Robert Bank

Growing up in Apartheid-era South Africa, Robert Bank cared about social injustice from an early age. Today he travels the world for AJWS, working with ...

Stephanie Sy and Rana Foroohar. CREDIT: Billy Pickett.

APR 3, 2018 Podcast

The Dangers of a Digital Democracy, with Rana Foroohar

The revelations about the misuse of Facebook data have started a pushback against the top five big tech companies: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. ...

Andrew Yang. CREDIT: Billy Pickett.

MAR 21, 2018 Podcast

The Case for Universal Basic Income, with Andrew Yang

Automation is causing the greatest shift in human history and will put millions of Americans out of work, says entrepreneur and 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang. ...

MAR 15, 2018 Podcast

The U.S. Foreign Service and the Importance of Professional Diplomacy, with Nicholas Kralev

Professional diplomats are made not born, says Nicholas Kralev of the Washington International Diplomatic Academy. It's not enough to be a people person: training is ...

Defendants at the Nuremberg trials, including Hermann Göring (at the left edge on the first row of benches), 1945/1946. <br>CREDIT: <a href="">U.S.Government/Public Domain</a>

MAR 13, 2018 Podcast

The Lost History of Prosecuting Axis War Crimes, with Dan Plesch

Before Nuremberg--indeed, long before the end of the war--there was the United Nations War Crimes Commission, a little-known agency which assisted national governments in putting ...

Melanne Verveer. CREDIT: Billy Pickett.

MAR 8, 2018 Podcast

Economics, Peace, Security, and "Women's Issues" with Ambassador Melanne Verveer

We have made tremendous progress, but there's still a long way to go, says Melanne Verveer, head of Georgetown's Institute for Women, Peace and Security ...

Timothy Snyder. CREDIT: Amanda Ghanooni.

FEB 27, 2018 Podcast

On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, with Timothy Snyder

Can tyranny happen here? asks historian Timothy Snyder. His chilling answer is, "it can happen, it happens to people like us, and it is happening ...

Detail from book cover

JAN 17, 2018 Podcast

The Ukrainian Night: An Intimate History of Revolution, with Marci Shore

"'Likes' don't count," was the rallying cry that first brought people to the Maidan. In this remarkable conversation, Marci Shore explores what it means "to ...