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Public Affairs hosted speakers who are prominent people in the world of international affairs, from acclaimed authors, to Nobel laureates, to high-ranking UN officials.

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JUN 1, 2018 Podcast

Vanishing Frontiers: The Forces Driving Mexico and the U.S. Together, with Andrew Selee

"Mexico is very present in our daily lives, sometimes even in ways we don't realize," says Andrew Selee. Did you know, for example, that some ...

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MAY 24, 2018 Podcast

Roadmap to Hell: Sex, Drugs and Guns on the Mafia Coast, with Barbie Latza Nadeau

Rome-based journalist Barbie Latza Nadeau tells the horrifying story of the thousands of Nigerian women and girls duped into being trafficked to Italy, where they ...

MAY 14, 2018 Podcast

From Cold War to Hot Peace: An American Ambassador in Putin's Russia, with Michael McFaul

As Obama's adviser on Russian affairs, Michael McFaul helped craft the United States' policy known as "reset" that fostered new and unprecedented collaboration between the ...

MAY 8, 2018 Podcast

Army of None: Autonomous Weapons and the Future of War, with Paul Scharre

"What happens when a predator drone has as much as autonomy as a self-driving car, moving to something that is able to do all of ...

APR 23, 2018 Podcast

The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom Is in Danger and How to Save It, with Yascha Mounk

Harvard's Yascha Mounk argues that liberalism and democracy are coming apart, creating new forms of illiberal democracy (democracy without rights) and undemocratic liberalism (rights without ...

APR 13, 2018 Podcast

On Grand Strategy, with John Lewis Gaddis

Are there such things as timeless principles of grand strategy? If so, are they always the same across epochs and cultures? What can we learn ...

MAR 29, 2018 Podcast

Anti-Pluralism: The Populist Threat to Liberal Democracy, with William A. Galston

Some unpleasant truths for liberals, from William Galston: The rise of anti-pluralist populist movements is caused by a combination of economic factors and migration; we ...

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MAR 21, 2018 Podcast

The Origins of Happiness, with Richard Layard

Today we can accurately measure happiness and we know much more about its causes, says Professor Layard. It turns out that getting richer is often ...

MAR 16, 2018 Podcast

The Return of Marco Polo's World, with Robert D. Kaplan

If you wish to understand the depth and breadth of the geographical, historical, technological, and political forces that are shaping our world, there is no ...

Amy Chua. CREDIT: Amanda Ghanooni

MAR 7, 2018 Podcast

Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations, with Amy Chua

"The United States today is starting to display destructive political dynamics much more typically associated with developing countries: ethno-nationalist movements, the erosion of trust in ...