Annual Morgenthau Memorial Lecture Series (1981-2006)


Named for famed international relations scholar Hans Morgenthau, the annual Morgenthau Memorial Lecture series was the longest-running public education initiative of the Carnegie Council.

NOV 2, 2006 Podcast

Ethical Considerations: Law, Foreign Policy, and The War on Terror

Former Navy General Counsel Alberto Mora fought to stop policies that authorized cruelty toward terror suspects. "Cruelty harms our nation's legal, foreign policy, and national ...

The Future of Humanitarianism

MAR 2, 2004 Transcript

The Future of Humanitarianism

Kouchner argues that the globalization of compassion and human rights is a sign of substantial moral progress that can count some successes--most notably, in Kosovo ...

Star of David and Genesis. CREDIT: <a href="">Shutterstock</a>

MAY 15, 2001 Transcript

Universalism and Jewish Values

Though they lacked any state or territory of their own, Jews nevertheless created a distinctive political philosophy, one that deserves systematic scholarly attention.